Home Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR at Your Door Step

Cleaning Service

Why do you need professional home cleaning services?

Cleaning Service

As life becomes busier day by day, and young professionals hardly get time to manage household tasks, often due to neglect, various corners of the house starts collecting dust. This results in increase in dust allergens, harmful bacteria, dust-mites and host of other disease causing agents. With Noida or Delhi/NCR being the central point of India’s young professionals, the problem of an unhygienic home is more reflective. With growth of these harmful agents, the house does not only look untidy and dirty but becomes unhealthy to live in. Soon the residents suffer from several allergies caused by the accumulation of such agents. The allergies can range from cold, cough, fever, and asthma or other skin diseases. If there is a child at home, these harmful bacteria and microbes are even more hazardous for the young ones.

3 ways Cleaning Process:

 3 ways Cleaning Process: This is designed to service each item in your premises in three steps, to improve its life and visual glory.

Scrubbing – This includes initial dry dusting and cleansing to remove the top layer of dirt and dust mites from the surface of the element.

Sterilize – Special cleaning agents are applied using micro-fine dusters to intrinsically disinfect the item from germ contaminations and pathogenic microbes, while simultaneously extending its life.

Polishing – Finally, a top layer of polish is applied to the item and then varnished to enhance its visual beauty.

What are the various home cleaning services basically includes?

We understand that Delhi NCR or Noida is a home to various combinations of people, from old new.  Our services are personalized to suit everyone:

Carpet cleaning Services – We clean your regular carpet, woolen carpet and Persian carpets. We do carpet shampoo to leave your carpet as good as new and shine.

Sofa Cleaning Services – We clean your regular sofa, leather sofa. Cleaning includes Sofa Shampoo as well.

Cushion Cleaning – We clean all types of cushions.

Facade and Window Cleaning Service – Window Cleaning want their interior windows cleaned at the same time because every window has 2 sides that need to look clean.

Are you really looking for some expertise for home cleaning services?

Helpguru provide you with commercial residential cleaning services in Noida, Delhi NCR. Our professional cleaners are fully trained for residential and commercial cleaning services; we offer flexible hours, reasonable rates and variety of services to suit your needs. For further details take some time out to go through our website or call us at:

Click here : http://www.helpguru.com

Please contact us on toll-free number -1800225252


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