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Home Cleaning Service Mumbai

A home is not only a place where the heart is, it is also where the family is clean and safe. For the safety of your family, complete home cleaning is very important. In our daily lives, we gather a lot of germs and dust from our surroundings. Especially like India, our homes are prone to many bacterial and virus attacks through germs that enter our homes. This is where professional home cleaning services in Mumbai and Delhi NCR steps in. Even if you are keeping your home clean and maintaining it every day but there are many parts of a home which collect dust corner side. Unused corners, sofas, false ceilings, light fixtures are dust accumulators in everybody house. Dust can lead to many diseases like respiratory problems, asthma, etc. It is also an eye sore to have a dirty home. With a home cleaning service in Delhi and Mumbai you not only ensure complete cleanliness but also maintain surrounding free of infections and germs. A clean home reflects the attitude of those who live in it. Helpguru provides fast, reliable and professionals services. Helpguru have a team of highly experience professionals who are well trained to clean anything and everything; whether it is a house or apartment.

home cleaning service in mumbai

  Helpguru provide a wide variety of home cleaning services:

  1. Floor Refinishing Service: Home cleaning services includes floor refinishing services in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. The Basic Floor Renewal is our simplest floor refinishing service, meant for floors that need just a bit of touching up. This floor refinishing service offers no color shifting or color change, but it will remove grease and dirt, and it will extend the life of your floors and renew their faded luster for years to come. Each type of floor surface is uniquely serviced by highly trained experts to clean the surface from within, and enhance its beauty.
  1. Deep Cleaning Service: Deep cleaning services for your home, and office in Delhi/NCR and Mumbai. A one stop service for a spotless, sparkling home! Professionally experiences technicians will cover your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms & other living etc.
  1. Sofa Cleaning: Sofas, they are main item of attraction (and comfort) in your living room. But no matter how much you try to keep your sofa spotless and stain-proof, you can never win the fight against dust and mites that are brought in by your visitors or family members. These services are provided by one of the most experiences personnel using best quality material and modern methods.                                 
  1. Facade and Window Cleaning Service: Keeping in mind the precise demands of customers, we provide effectivewindow cleaning service to our customers. Owing to our reliability, flexibility and punctuality, we are one of the most preferred selections of customers.

With the help of our experienced professional in this domain, we have been successful in offering excellent home cleaning service in Delhi NCR and Mumbai to our customers. In addition to this, Helpguru offer these Homes cleaning service in Delhi NCR and Mumbai services at your doorstep at affordable prices.

Download helpguru app. Helpguru app now available for all smartphone as iPhone, Android & Windows, for any further assistance you can also get in touch with our customer care at 1800-22-5252

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